Cleaning around the edges and under the mound

It was a rare sun­ny after­noon for our site clean-up.  We approached the clean up with a light touch in some places and in others…it took a lot of cut­ting, pulling and thrashing.









I knew that Himalayan black­ber­ries were tena­cious but I did­n’t real­ize that they would take root on a plas­tic tarp with lit­tle to no nutrients.









We col­lect­ed a lot of trash from the site.  Nigel doc­u­ment­ed what we pulled out from under the brush.










A lot of beer cans, plas­tic bags, scraps of tarp, and chunks of sty­ro­foam came to the surface.



















Spe­cial thanks to Liz, Steph and Moshe for tak­ing time on a Sun­day to help pick-up garbage and clear out black­ber­ry bram­bles on a sun­ny Sun­day afternoon.

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