Gargantuan Rosemary Finds Home

Lam­oureux Archi­tect is in the process of remod­el­ing their offices and Brad Lam­oureux and Anne Maison­neuve kind­ly offered their rose­mary plant to the Grow project.   It was a long jour­ney for this large rosemary.










It took three of us to get it into the back of the truck and it just bare­ly fit. It had obvi­ous­ly been pret­ty hap­py in its west Van­cou­ver location.










We’ve plant­ed it at the Bulk­head Lab and hope it will adjust to its new cli­mate of sun­nier exposure.









One of our res­i­dent gar­den­ers told us that rose­mary likes it dry and that it should be har­vest­ed reg­u­lar­ly so it will fill out.  I’m think­ing of rose­mary pota­toes. Any oth­er recipes ideas come to mind?

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