Homes for Bees

Chelsea Trous­dell, one of our reg­u­lar vol­un­teers at the Lab brought some untreat­ed fir to make homes for mason bees. If you aren’t famil­iar with mason bees, they are a dark metal­lic blue/green colour and resem­ble black flies.  They are soli­tary insects that nest near each oth­er but do not share a nest or hive.  Females seek out holes in wood to use as a nest. Once the eggs are laid they will plug up the holes using mud, hence the name mason bee. These active pol­li­na­tors are great for veg­etable gar­dens and they are non-aggressive.













Chelsea drilled holes into the fir and mount­ed a small roof on to each home. There are spe­cif­ic spec for the holes. For details on how to cre­ate your own mason bee home you can vis­it this link to BC Agri­cul­ture.



















Also, check out this inter­est­ing project cre­at­ed by Chloe Ben­nett called Bees Please, here in Van­cou­ver. She will be vis­it­ing the Lab for a work­shop in August.

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