After a trip to the nurs­ery, we spent the day plant­i­ng. When we got on site, we dis­cov­ered that our friend from the Vil­lage had giv­en us a head start and plant­ed some seeds…radishes, let­tuce, chard and carrots.









We trans­plant­ed some straw­ber­ries into the pal­let.  It was a tight squeeze to get them in so I hope they will do o.k.


















Appar­ent­ly in com­mer­cial straw­ber­ry farm­ing raised beds are cov­ered in a black plas­tic so the plants will put their ener­gy into the pro­duc­tion of the fruit rather than pro­duc­ing run­ners to cre­ate new plants.  I won­der if this design will have a sim­i­lar effect?









Plant­ed a com­bi­na­tion of seeds and trans­plants in the super sacks ded­i­cat­ed to leafy greens.  Kale loves this cli­mate and is very healthy so I includ­ed quite a num­ber of them.


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