Potatoes and Tomatoes

It’s har­vest time at the Bulk­head Lab. While many peo­ple have been help­ing them­selves to the boun­ty there’s still ample amounts of pro­duce to col­lect.  This past Sat­ur­day Nigel and I dug around in the cof­fee sacks and were very surprised.









The Cecile red pota­toes did very well in par­tic­u­lar. Out of a five bags of soil we man­aged to get a large gro­cery bag filled with potatoes.



















We did­n’t just find pota­toes in these sacks. It turns out there was some pret­ty healthy insect life in the sacks.  This spi­der was very pho­to­genic. Any­one know what kind it might be? It was pret­ty large.











The toma­toes have been a pop­u­lar fea­ture at the Bulk­head over the sum­mer. Look­ing at the cold wet fore­cast ahead I decid­ed to bring them in despite not being full ripe.  My orig­i­nal plan was to wrap them in paper to ful­ly ripen them, how­ev­er, while I was har­vest­ing a woman told me you can pick­le the lit­tle green tomatoes.










After hav­ing attend­ed a work­shop with local chef Andrea Pot­ter who spe­cial­izes in wild fer­men­ta­tion I have to admit I’m pret­ty curi­ous about pick­ling things. Does any­one know of some good recipes for pick­ling toma­toes? I’m open to suggestions.



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