Roaming the Village for the Second Workshop

The sun final­ly came out dur­ing our sec­ond work­shop so we end­ed up roam­ing a lit­tle far­ther to look for infra­struc­ture that could be used as sup­port for growing.









Heather came up with some inter­est­ing designs for float­ing gar­dens, might not be best for salt water but then pos­si­bly it would work in a water feature?









Thanks to Mari­ah we got an insid­er’s look at the Vil­lage and found a poten­tial loca­tion for a float­ing plat­form for growing.

After the walk some sketch­ing and mak­ing ensued.









Burlap cof­fee sacs were trans­formed into a pock­et planter by Heather, while paper tow­el roles became a tem­po­rary vehi­cle for seeds for Anne.









Steph trans­formed a pair of my old pur­ple tights into an inven­tive planter that is sus­pend­ed from chain link.









A few more pock­ets also made it on to the chain link fence. I think were up to 30. More to come…

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