Bombs Away

We spent this week­end cre­at­ing some seed bombs. If you haven’t made your own bombs before. It’s quite sim­ple, you can use this recipe pro­vid­ed by Andrea Bel­lamy on her blog Heavy Petal or check out this video by UK gueril­la gar­den­er, Richard Reynolds. The basic ingre­di­ents are clay, seeds and compost.



















The bombs will be used to seed The Games are Open, a large-scale sculp­ture of a bull­doz­er made from wheat­board. The artists Kob­ber­ling and Kalt­wass­er intend the sculp­ture to slow­ly, break down and com­post over time. The plants will be an impor­tant part of this bur­geon­ing ecosystem.

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