Design Nerds Jam 5.6 Grow

The Grow Design Jam 5.6 brought the Design Nerds and the Grow project togeth­er for some cre­ative, col­lec­tive brain­storm­ing around grow­ing food, col­lect­ing water and com­post­ing at the Bulk­head Lab.  Ocean and Ali­cia and I intro­duced the Jam with some infor­ma­tion about the Design Nerds, Grow and a look at some inno­v­a­tive art, design, and archi­tec­ture projects that use liv­ing materials.









If you haven’t been to a Jam before the basic ingre­di­ents for the evening involve a lit­tle food (in this case, beans and rice and a kale casse­role), a lit­tle wine and a lot of sketch­ing and talk­ing.  We broke up into small groups to do some work on the mas­ter plan for the site and also con­sid­er some of the plat­forms for grow­ing, water­ing and composting.

























After brain­storm­ing, we vis­it­ed each table and every­one pre­sent­ed their ideas as a group.


















After­wards we walked down to the Bulk­head Lab to have a clos­er look at the site.  Next steps will involve a small­er cre­ative meet­ing to hone ideas and start some construction.


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