Goodbye Grow

Novem­ber 30th came quick­ly, and sad­ly  the Grow project is now fin­ished. The few remain­ing plants from the Bulk­head Urban Agri­cul­ture Lab have found their way to new homes. Our lit­tle anjou pear tree is being plant­ed at the Ever­green Urban Orchard locat­ed at the Great North­ern Way Cam­pus where it will flour­ish and hope­ful­ly bear fruit in the spring.  Thank you to every­one for vis­it­ing the Lab, hang­ing out, chat­ting, eat­ing, gar­den­ing, water­ing and in gen­er­al enjoy­ing the space.

Many thanks to all of the Grow vol­un­teers who shared their time and exper­tise to keep the Grow site grow­ing over the past 7 months.

Chloe Ben­nett, Meaghan Buck­ley- Pear­son, Kim Coop­er, Michael Corbin, Ocean Dionne, Stephanie Doerk­sen, Gal­lop Fan,  Gen­dreau, Liz Glowac­ki, Alex Grunen­felder, Hen­ry, Lyn­dl Hall, Valerie Halpin Jones, Tero Juu­ti, Emmi Jor­malainen, Janet Hamil­ton, Kent Hous­ton,  Helene, Leslie Ann Ingram, Ger­ald Joe, Lois Klassen, Maria Keat­ing,  Nigel Laing, Mike Lev­en­ston, Mau­r­izio Lozano, Kevin Lui, Ari­ann Man­gas, Anne Maison­neuve, Moshe Mas­tai, Stephanie Mauer, Joanne McDon­ald, Dianne McNair, Alexan­der McNaughton, Ali­cia Med­i­na Ladda­ga, Eklas Miller, Pablo, Kristi­na Parusel, Patri­cia Phuli­jen, Cather­ine Pulk­ing horn, Maia Rowan, Chris­tine Strauss, Stef St. Loe, Chelsea Trous­dell,  Julie Wall, Nik­ki White and Car­ol Zhang.


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