Green Wall/Bird Feeder

Elisa Yon dis­cov­ered an inter­est­ing project by a Mona Hatoum called The Hang­ing Gar­den. For this project Hatoum filled 770 jute sacks with seeds to cre­ate a 10 metre wall.  These sacks sprout­ed trans­form­ing this impos­ing barricade.








This project inspired us to cre­ate a curv­ing, stacked wall with our recy­cled cof­fee sacks.




















We placed a lay­er of land­scape fab­ric down to pre­vent plants from root­ing into the soil on the site. We filled each sacks with soil and a mix of seeds includ­ing clovers, grass­es and fes­cue. We then trans­plant­ed some of the sun­flow­ers that were plant­ed in the micro-gar­dens on the chain link fence to the top lay­er. It’s an ide­al loca­tion as there is good expo­sure from all direc­tions (when there is sun!).




















With all the recent rain the seeds are sprout­ing quick­ly and the cof­fee sacks are tak­ing on a green fuzzy appear­ance. I’ve also noticed it’s become a major draw for birds.  I think they are actu­al­ly using their beaks to work into the burlap and pick out the seeds.











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