Meaghen Buck­ley cre­at­ed  a series of nets along the rust­ed steel ele­ments on the edge of the Lab.  She cro­cheted both nat­ur­al and syn­thet­ic fibres into large asym­met­ri­cal shapes cre­at­ing dif­fer­ent ten­sion points in the net which allows for the wind to move freely in and through.










At the base of the nets are wood­en planter box­es filled with scar­let run­ner beans.  When the run­ner beans start grow­ing they will wrap around the strands of the net. They grow quick­ly twist­ing and grab­bing any­thing that will help them up move upwards. Meaghen and I are inter­est­ed to see if they have any pref­er­ence among the dif­fer­ent yarns.  In the past week the beans have begun to climb.




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