Seeds From Grow

The Grow Seed Exchange brought about some seed shar­ing at the Creek­side Com­muntiy Centre.

If you hap­pen to be the hap­py recip­i­ent of one of the Grow seed pack­ages but don’t know a lot about plant­i­ng and grow­ing the seeds look for details below.







Orach (Moun­tain Spinach)

-Grow in spring or fall

- sun­ny to part­ly shady

- well drained soil, can grow in containers

- will grow up to 4 or 6 ft.

- bright red colour

- pick young leaves to eat, leav­ing old­er leaves to help sus­tain the plant

- easy to care for

- sow seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep







Cilantro (Chi­nese Pars­ley or Coriander)

- direct sow in the spring and con­tin­u­ous­ly into the summer

- grows to approx. 20 inches

- pro­duces tasty leaves used in range of Latin Amer­i­can and Asian dishes






Bronze Fen­nel

- sow seeds in spring or summer

- use fronds, stalks and root to pro­vide a light licorice flavour

- likes well drained soil and lots of sun

- easy to grow

- Peren­ni­al that will grow to 2 ft. in first year







- peren­ni­al shrub that over­win­ters on the west coast

- dif­fi­cult to grow from seed

- fresh and dried leaves are used in cooking

- well drained soil

- start indoors in vermiculite

- slow growth rate







Thai Basil

- Basil belongs to the mint family

- used in cook­ing and for aromatherapy

- easy to grow

- rich well drained soil in a sun­ny location

- Start indoors and then move out­doors in June when it warms

- har­vest frequently








- beau­ti­ful scent

- can be used in cooking

- mod­er­ate­ly difficult

- full sun and well drained soil

- start from seed indoors in the fall to ready them for spring







Mus­tard ( or is it horse­rad­ish seeds?)

These horse­rad­ish tast­ing seeds were donat­ed by one of the many con­trib­u­tors to Grow.  I don’t have too many details on them but if you’re feel­ing exper­i­men­tal, please give them a try.







Indi­an Mint (Sat­ure­ja dou­glasii, not a true mint)

- ten­der ever­green perennial

- mint scent­ed leaves make a good tea

- grows in long trail­ing vines with small white flowers

- prefers shade and moisture

- makes a good ground cover








- used for pick­les, soups, sal­ads etc…

- easy to grow

- needs sun to par­tial shade








- the flow­ers attract bees, birds and oth­er pollinators

- can grow as high as 10 feet

- easy to grow

- plant from mid- April to mid- May in a sun­ny location








- easy to grow

- full sun and moist soil

- spicy tast­ing leaves and flow­ers — great for salads

- sow at the begin­ning of March








- beau­ti­ful bright pur­ple flowers

- sow in the spring

-easy to grow

- like sun or part­ly shady areas


I also high­ly rec­om­mend the West Coast Seeds web­site for pur­chas­ing seeds and learn­ing more about how to sow them.

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