Tomatoes Passed On

At the end of the day, after we fin­ished fill­ing the super sacs with soil, a neigh­bour from the senior’s com­plex in the Vil­lage came by to ask if we would like some toma­toes.  She went home and col­lect­ed a hand­ful of seedlings and gave us a quick demon­stra­tion on trans­plant­i­ng.  We did­n’t have access to water set up just yet so we end­ed up fill­ing a con­tain­er at a near­by water foun­tain. We man­aged to get them wet enough for over night.









Steph got the hang of build­ing a small mound around the stems to sup­port them.  We lat­er added some stakes made from the dried yarrow stalks on site to add some extra support.









We now have a full sup­per sac of mys­tery toma­toes. Our friend from the vil­lage can’t remem­ber what kind they are so we are all eager­ly await­ing the day they fruit. Could be cher­ry toma­toes, beef steak.…

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